Stay ahead with our 24/7 tailor made acquisition service

CDG Leisure's Bespoke Acquisition Service in plain English simply means a tailored service where we constantly look for new property for you to enable your business to grow aggressively. We approach businesses on your behalf to see if they are willing to sell their lease and research the areas to ensure that you will not only get the footfall but the right kind of footfall for your business.

This service will target areas via demographic profiles, helping nationals and internationals secure a strong brand identity. Working closely with the operator we look at what the business is trying to accomplish, a one-three-five year plan on how they wish to grow and work alongside them to ensure that they meet their targets.


Some of our retained clients:




Featured testimonial

 CDG have an Nth degree attitude towards property acquisition and that's why they are so successful. 

Bobby Hashemi

Founder of Pizza Union